Welcome to Recycle with riley!

Play my video and let me talk about how our recycling scheme works.

Learn how plastics can be recycled and what our company does to give plastics another life by turning plastic waste into furniture, refuse bags and building materials.

Reusing plastic keeps it away from our parks, ponds and seas!

Recycling is when products we no longer need are turned into something new that can be used again

What is recycling?

Hover over me and see what I can be made into!

Recycling is when products we no longer need are turned into something new that can be used again

Why do we recycle?

What is polythene film?

What can we make?

​​​​Soft flexible plastic that can
be scrunched up and folded easily.
Plastic such as:
Multipack drinks packaging,
vegetable/fruit bags,
carrier bags,
unused charity sacks,
mailing film and
bread bag packaging.

bin bags,
construction material,
climbing frames,
and much more!

Plastic isn’t the problem

… the way we dispose of it is.

The plastics industry collects as much plastic waste as possible so it can be recycled and turned into new products

These are some of the fun things we can make from recycled plastic!

NDC_tabel cutout
planter bench_edited
planter with bush_edited
NDC_tabel cutout2

is to use something again
and again

For example, instead of bringing a new drink bottle to school every day bring the same bottle and simply refill it

is to cut the amount of waste

we generate

For example, you can reduce waste sent to landfill by choosing what you dispose of and what you can recycle

is to turn used things into

something new

For example, we collect plastic waste and turn it into new products such as bin bags and garden furniture and building materials